Specifics About Drips & Ingredients2021-04-15T02:17:40+00:00

All IV’s will take approximately 45min – 1 hour to administer, and all contain the following base ingredients (except for Hydrate and Vital C):

B-Vitamins to help with energy and brain function (see specifics below)

B-Complex for cellular energy metabolism

Methylcobalamin – B12, helps detoxify brain, nerves, blood

Pyridoxine – B6, increases brain function and neurotransmitters

Magnesium Sulfate – relaxes muscle fibers

Calcium Gluconate – helps nerves and muscles make better connections

Energize improves migraines, energy, and mental focus

Includes all base ingredients

Recover improves hangover symptoms, hydrates

Includes base ingredients plus Zofran for nausea and trace elements

trace elements include: zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, selenium

Prevent boosts immune system, detoxifies, manages stress

Includes base ingredients plus vitamin c

Revitalize nutritional IV for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, anti-aging (skin/hair/nails)

Includes base ingredients plus vitamin c and glutathione

Glutathione is the master antioxidant in our body which improves mental clarity, concentration, and reduces oxidative stress (free radicals) on a cellular level

Perform boosts muscle performance and mental focus

Includes base ingredients plus vitamin c, glutathione and amino acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein production and are needed for muscle support, healing, and metabolism

Vital C Boosts immune system, great detoxifier, muscle/joint pain

High dose Vitamin C

Hydrate improves hydration

1 liter (1000mls) of normal saline solution, no additions

Can I get an evening or weekend appointment?2021-04-15T02:16:41+00:00

We encourage anyone to e-mail or call us to check for a more convenient day/time to schedule an IV.

How do I know which IV I should get?2021-04-15T02:16:10+00:00

Review of the health history questionnaire results in a provider order for all IVs with any exceptions noted. The RN follows the order and the client chooses the IV that best fits their lifestyle, energy level, and wellbeing. It is perfectly fine to get Energize at the beginning of a busy week and the next week get iRelax or Revitalize.

Do I need to complete the questionnaire prior to getting an IV?2021-04-15T02:15:32+00:00

Yes. The health history is reviewed by a medical professional and an order is written for the nurse to administer IV fluids. Complete the questionnaire online to avoid a wait at the center.

Does it hurt?2021-04-15T02:14:45+00:00

IVs shouldn’t hurt at all after the initial pinch. Once the needle is used to access the vein it is discarded. The IV catheter is a small plastic tube left in the vein for IV fluids to travel through.

Why not just take vitamins and supplements?2021-04-15T02:14:04+00:00

When given through an IV drip, nutrients are more available to the body. Simply taking supplements involves passing through the digestive system where the absorption is not as efficient.

Are these IVs safe?2021-04-15T02:13:31+00:00

Safe enough to get every day if no risk factors are present. There is always the risk of infection because of the needle stick as stated on the consent form.

How long do the effects of the IV last?2021-04-15T02:03:49+00:00

Effects can last up to 3-5 days, based on individual lifestyle. Effects can also be extended through the oral use of supplements.

How long do IV Treatments take?2021-04-15T02:02:55+00:00

All IVs will take approximately 45min – 1 hour to administer

What’s in the IVs?2021-04-15T01:59:43+00:00

The IVs have ingredients found naturally in the body or in the foods we eat every day. No medications.

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